About Fresh Air Dogs

We used to have a sign in our home that read: This house is maintained for the comfort and security of my dogs. If you can’t accept that, then you can’t accept me, so go away. That may sound harsh to some, but we make no apologies … because

WE LOVE DOGS !!! Big dogs, little dogs, dogs that climb on rocks, funny dogs, shy dogs, especially dogs with goldilocks! We’ve had many Golden Retrievers of our own over the past 30+ years and now have two Golden Doodles to call our own. We’ve taught Dog Obedience Classes since 1978 and had the pleasure of meeting dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes, shapes and temperaments. It has been very encouraging for us to meet people who love and respect themselves and their dog enough to decide to INVEST the time and work that it takes to train a dog to be a good canine citizen. We also empathize with those who are at their wits end with a dog that is doing this or that undesirable thing and they are afraid they won’t be able to keep the dog much longer.

It has been so rewarding to have been able to give these new dog owners a few tools to put in their toolbox, or to show them another way to use them, that has made a huge difference in how their dog responds. The last thing we ever want to see is a dog getting bounced around from here to there to somewhere else because their human didn’t know what to do with them. It never fails that when folks first approach us with, “My dog just won’t (you fill in the blank),” what we usally hear a few minutes or days later, after a bit of coaching, much patience and lots of love, is … “I can’t believe it! It’s a miracle! Thank you!” We love working with dogs and their owners and are thrilled when the dog is trained, well-behaved and a joy to have around.

We know how hard it is to be away from our dogs, even just to leave them to go to work 9-5. It’s hard to think that anyone can take as good care of our dogs as we do and we’ve always been very picky about who we have had come to our house to be with them when we’ve gone on vacation. We have often taken care of family and friend’s dogs and been happy to do it. We also understand that some folks don’t have anyone close by that they can ask to care for their pups or maybe they have a couple big dogs that may be a little harder to find accomodations for. We wanted to create a fun place for dogs to come and learn, play and stay that they can’t wait to come back to. We wanted to create a safe place for dog owners to leave their dogs and FEEL GOOD about it. We believe we have done just that and invite you to come take a look; it’s awesome!

Here’s the sign we proudly display now!

Russell & Cynthia Scott
Franklin, Hannahbelle, Barkley & Emma

Fresh Air Dogs is inspected and licensed by the State of Maine (License #F1194) and insured.

Fresh Air Dogs – Your dog’s favorite place to learn, play and stay!