A Dog’s Daily Life


6am —- Rise & Shine! Breakfast
7-9 —— Drop Offs and Pick Ups
9-1 —— Fun & Games ~ Playtime ~ Snacks

1-3 —– Naptime/Quiet Time ~ SSSssshhhhh
3-4 —– Snacktime ~ Playtime
4-6 —– Pick-Ups

6-9 —– Dinner ~ Winding Down ~ Get Ready for Beddie
9-6 —– Bedtime Prayers ~ Sweet Dreams

Morning Drop-offs and Pick-ups 7am-9pm
Afternoon Pick-ups only 4pm-6pm

WEEKEND & HOLIDAY HOURS by appointment
Morning Drop-offs and Pick-ups 7am-9am
Afternoon Pick-ups only 4pm-6pm

While we love our time spent with the dogs 24/7/365, it is important that we, our staff, and all the dogs, are able to have “quiet time” from 9am to 4pm and after 6pm. Therefore, we prefer all drop-offs and pick-ups occur as stated above, whenever possible. Outside those hours, please call Fresh Air Dogs at 207.564.2604 to schedule a time before stopping by. [FYI … “quiet time” at Fresh Air Dogs is when the dogs are not barking to let us know that a car just pulled in the driveway.] Thank you … we really appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Russell & Cynthia Scott, Barkley & EmmaJean

We all bring our own food from home; this way we won’t get an upset tummy from eating something new. We also get homemade baked snacks and frozen yogurt treats.  We are welcome to bring our own snacks from home, but we always bring a few extras to share with the rest of the gang … it’s the polite thing to do. Please be sure to let the Pack Leader know if we have any food allergies or sensitivities that they should be aware of. We can leave our bowls at home because Fresh Air Dogs has lots of stainless steel bowls that are washed after every meal (hey, we should do that at home, too!). Some of us inhale, some gulp, and some pick at their food, so … we’re all fed at the same time but in different locations; this way we can take as much time as we need for eating our meal. We all get “no play” time outside right after our meals to give our tummies time to digest.

There are lots of full water bowls everywhere with clean, fresh, cold, yummy, right-from-the-well water inside and out. In the winter we have heated water bowls to make sure our water doesn’t turn into a big, gallon-sized ice cube!

Did you notice that Fresh Air Dogs has hours for people and hours for us? The people have special hours to come here in their cars (7am to 9am for dropping us off and picking us up and again from 4pm to 6pm) and we have special hours, too! We get to be here 24/7/365 … REALLY!

While Russell and Cynthia and their staff love spending time with us every minute of the day, it’s really important that they, and all of us, are able to have it peaceful, calm and quiet from 9am to 4pm and after 6pm. You want to know what kind of thing will get all the dogs to start barking really loud? When we hear a vehicle coming into the driveway (“Is that MY Mom? Is that your DAD? Is that a new friend arriving? Who is it? Who’s there? I want to see! I want to sniff!”); all that barking makes some of the dogs act really crazy! We like to have it quiet here, we also like to bark sometimes when we’re chasing the ball, just not that crazy barking like when the cars come or the doorbell rings! If you’re wondering just how quiet it is at Fresh Air Dogs … check out some of the videos on Facebook and the Fresh Air Dogs YouTube Channel.


When the weather is good, most of our day is spent outside.  Our most favorite thing is going on a Pack Walk.  Some dogs need to be on a leash, but most of us don’t, so we get to be FREE to run and romp and play … it’s the best!!!  There’s even a stream and a pond on our walks that we get to swim in, we love to swim!  There’s lots of cool stuff to smell on our walks, too, and that really gives our sniffers a work-out!  We like to play with toys, fetch the ball and lay in the sun on the deck.  We even get to dig holes; Nera’s working on a trip to China!  The rocket launcher is really, fun, too!  When it’s really hot, we’d rather spend time inside where it’s nice and cool (we love air conditioning!).  If it gets really buggy, we like to go inside then, too. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go … we like that we can “go” whenver we want; we don’t have to wait for someone to come home to let us out … here we go in and out all day long! We have lots of special things to chew on and play tug-o-war with, too.  We have a pool to wade, lay and splash in.  On rainy days, we have an outside play area with a roof.  In the winter, we love to play in the snow and make snow-dog angels. We don’t need to bring our toys from home because there are plenty here, plus, you know how some dogs can get if someone else wants to play with their toys and they are not a sharer!

At Fresh Air Dogs, we love getting uninterrupted nap time! Our Pack Leaders knows that we play hard and we need our rest so we don’t get grumpy, so they make sure the shades are drawn and the house is super quiet for our naptime (usually right around 1-3 PM) … we like that! We have lots of new awesome memory foam beds, too! They’re wicked comfy!

At night, we get the royal treatment; there’s a huge king-sized bed upstairs that’s first-come, first-served. Barkley, the Golden Doodle, is mighty fast, so he’s usually parked for the night before we even get to the top stair. We can sleep wherever we’re most comfortable; there’s plenty of comfy beds here or you can bring one from home; the couch, loveseat and the big blue chair are game as long as they’re covered and we’re dry. We can sleep upstairs or downstairs; or, if you prefer your own private “cave,” there are big crates and little crates. If you want a private room, the office is always available (no extra charge).

Fresh Air Dogs – Your dog’s favorite place to learn, play and stay!

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