We know, we’re a little crazy …


We know, we’re a little crazy. Most dog people are … a little crazy, that is.

When we created Fresh Air Dogs, we wanted a to create a place where we would WANT to leave our dogs when we needed a place for them to stay, a place that they would also WANT to go. We wanted to create a place that replicated their home and routine as much as possible … AND, included lots of fun and playtime with furry friends. We believe we’ve done it! And … with the 700+ dogs who have visited us in just under the 6 years we’ve been open (we’ve only had 11 days with no dogs here!) … we’d say you think we’ve done it, too!

We’ve learned a LOT in the past six years … about … being self-employed, running a business from our home, living IN the business, hiring staff, knowing which dogs are a good fit and which ones would be better suited in another environment, what things we can be flexible about and what things we can not, and the list goes on and on.

As you can imagine, we have also sacrificed a LOT as well … our own personal space, down time (we’re “on” 24/7/365), and wear and tear on our home to name a few.

It has provided many rewards, too, of course! We’ve met so many great people in our local area as well as people from away … we’ve been able to have lots of puppies these past six years (who doesn’t LOVE puppies?) that we’ve watched grow up into great family members … we’ve helped many families get over some rough spots with challenging dog behaviors and seen their dogs become much calmer and friendlier canine citizens … we’ve been able to meet hundreds of dogs and shared our home with them (some for a night or two and some for several weeks) … we’ve also been able to help out in the hard times … being here for a dog being rehabilitated from surgery, or providing the special care that a dog requires at the end of their life … having those hard conversations about ‘when’ is the right time to let go and say good-bye to a beloved dog … and being here to talk with and provide comfort after a pup has crossed the ‘Rainbow Bridge.’ Fresh Air Dogs has been much more than ‘your dog’s favorite place to learn, play and stay’ … for us, it’s also a been a labor or love, a ministry …

One of the things that we’ve had to tighten up on a bit over the years is our hours … for us, the dogs and for our human clients. Since we are a service business versus a 9-5 store-type business, we’ve had to make it very clear ‘what happens when’ … and, in so doing, things run like clockwork! Since our business is also our home, it is that much more important that we set clear expectations. It’s how we keep our sanity … even though we know, we’re a little crazy …

Friendly Reminder: Living in our business requires that we plan our meal times, dog meals, staff hours, dog nap time, appointments, hot tubs, bed times, etc., therefore, off hours ‘drop ins’ (before 7am, between 9am-4pm, and after 6pm) just don’t work. We’re willing to make special accommodations, when necessary, with advance notice. Feel free to make a request, we’ll do our best to serve you. Thanks for your understanding, folks … much appreciated!

Russell & Cynthia Scott


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