Training Tip – Catch ’em being GOOD!


Willow and Emma sitting politely in front of the gate between the kitchen and the living room.

Parenting, whether human children or furry four-legged pups, all boils down to keeping an eye and ear tuned in all the time and praising lots more than correcting them.

I remember when Russell and I took a parenting class back in the 80’s and the instructor asked the group if our focus was on catching kids being good, and making a big deal about that, or — are we more apt to stay away from them (so as not to interrupt them) and only rush in when something bad happens.

How many times per day do you catch your dog(s) doing something good and give them a treat for that?

I have a daycare dog here today, Miss Willow, and she likes to try to rush through any doorway before me — so — I’ve been treating her for sitting politely BY the door, whether it opens or not. It only took me doing this a couple times for her to understand that SITTING by the door is much better for her than CHARGING the door.

Bottom line:  this kind of PAWSITIVE attention is really fun, for us and the dogs, and much more rewarding than negative attention. Kids and dogs alike will get attention from us any way they can; by giving them most of our attention when they are doing behaviors that we like, they are less likely to act out.

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Happy training!

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