Free Posters to Download (Thanks, Dr Yin!)


There are so many great free resources available online … if you’re a visual person, here are just a few of the posters available on Dr. Sophia Yin’s website, click the links below to download.

Body Language of Fear in Dogs
Recognizing the body language of fear and anxiety in dogs – this poster clearly illustrates both the overt and more subtle signs of fear and anxiety in dogs

How to Greet (and How Not to Greet) a Dog
One of the most common dog-bite scenarios occurs when people greet and interact with dogs incorrectly. Fortunately, learning how to properly greet a dog is as simple as being aware of the types of human greetings that bother you; the same types of greetings bother dogs. Learn how to greet dogs appropriately and which interactions to avoid.

How Kids Should – and Should Not – Interact with Dogs
These two posters together show kids and parents the types of interactions they should AVOID with dogs as well as the types of play and interactions that are appropriate.

These are just a few of the posters on Dr. Yin’s site … many more posters can be found HERE … check ’em out!

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