2017 Training Schedule – next 2/06/2017


The key to having a great pup is being a great puppy parent. We are always teaching our dog; every minute of every day they are learning from us. We need to be sure we are teaching them what we want and not teaching them to be confused by sending mixed messages.

This class covers how dogs think and learn and basic good manners training using science-based, positive reinforcement. Whether your want a happy and peaceful relationship with your dog or maybe you’d like your dog to be certified as a Therapy Dog, this class will get you started off on the right paw! This Intro to Clicker Training class is a prerequisite for all other trainings offered by Fresh Air Dogs. This class is for humans only – no dogs this time.

LOVE YOUR DOG – Dogs are amazing creatures who have adapted to the crazy-confusing world of people remarkably well – most of the time. Learn HOW your dog thinks and you will be able to work with his good nature to build a bond of trust and love between the two of you. Learn WHY your dog acts like a dog and you can redirect that doggie instinct and natural canine response towards acceptable-to-humans behavior.

TRAIN YOUR DOG – It’s simple. No yelling needed – just manage his behavior to prevent him from doing the WRONG things. When your dog is doing the RIGHT thing, reward him for it. No physical punishment or coercion. Would you “come when called” if you knew that bad things would happen when you got there? Everything your dog does make sense – to him. It’s your challenge to figure out how to make the behaviors you want more rewarding that the behavior you don’t want … and, you and your dog will both have fun while you’re at it!

Russell Scott is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and has attended Pat Miller’s Peaceable Paws Intern Academy Levels 1&2 in Maryland. Russell and Cynthia Scott have been training dogs, and their owners, since 1978 and have put obedience titles on their golden retrievers and have had four dogs certified by Therapy Dog International. The Scott’s own Fresh Air Dogs in Guilford, providing training, Doggie “Playcare” and in-home “Sleepovers” (no crates of kennels), for dogs and puppies of all ages. FMI: www.FreshAirDogs.com, www.Facebook.com/FreshAirDogs

Click to enroll in the spring classes being offered the first Monday of the EVEN months (February 6th, April 3rd and June 5th) through PVAEC – Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative.

Don’t worry, if we’ve just held a class, you can still get started. Give us a call at 207.564.2604 or send an email to Russell AT FreshAirDogs DOT com and we’ll get you and your pup off on the right paw!

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