Career Day at Dexter High School 10/08/2015


Well, what do you know … Fresh Air Dogs was featured on the evening news!!!

Barkley and I (Cynthia Scott) spent the morning at Dexter High School’s Career Day discussing many kinds of dog-related careers including dog walking, grooming, training, doggie daycare, boarding, grooming, shelters and humane societies, Canine Companions, Vet Tech, Veterinarian, therapy dogs, service dogs, dogs trained for police work and even bed-bug sniffing dogs!

We also talked about the various skills required for operating a successful business like Fresh Air Dogs; i.e., love of dogs, customer service, marketing, advertising, accounting, poop scooping, cleaning, etc. Barkley really enjoyed meeting everyone and got lots of pats … his favorite thing! Students were encouraged to get some training skills under their belts in preparation for any type of career involving dogs. We had a great time meeting so many new people in our area.

Barkley, a Certified Therapy Dog, and I enjoyed our Q&A time with the students and discussing various pet-related careers students were interested in, what training and experience would be required, and what salaried and volunteer positions might be available locally. I addressed solutions to common problems; i.e., how to keep dogs from jumping up on people, getting into the garbage, excessive barking, etc.

I mentioned a great way for students to earn money during their college years is dog walking. I urged anyone interested to get trained in positive reinforcement training and Pet First Aid and CPR. Getting a good handle on dog behavior is a must in order to keep dogs safe when out and about.

Demonstrating positive reinforcement “Clicker Training” with Barkley.

Careers with Animals – Job Descriptions – Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Wildlife Rehabilitator, Animal Attendant/Kennel Worker, Groomer, Animal Behaviorist/Animal Trainer, Humane Educator, Animal Control Officer, Zoologist, Marine Biologist
Therapy Dog International – I’ve had four of our dogs evaluated and pass the requirements to become Certified Therapy Dogs.
Canine Companions for Independence – Our son did an internship at CCI in Santa Rosa, CA.
Kikopup – YouTube Dog Training Videos – “Come, Sit and Stay and learn about dog training!”