In-Home Lodging

I’ve heard of “boarding” and “kenneling” dogs … why do you call it “In-Home Lodging” instead?

Because we really cannot be compared to a kennel with crates and cages and cement runs; plus boarding sounds like something that happens at a kennel. At Fresh Air Dogs, the pups come and go, in and out of the house, all day long … just like they do when they’re home with you. We know of dogs who have spent a weekend in a kennel and wouldn’t “go” on the cement pad, not good! We’ve heard countless horror stories from several of our clients about past experiences they’ve had when they’ve boarded their dog. We certainly don’t want to be lumped into that stereotype, so we call it something entirely different … because it is!

I work long hours and sometimes I’m on call and don’t know what time I’ll be getting home. Sometimes I go out shopping for the day and then decide I want to take some extra time to have dinner and see a movie. Could I leave my dog there for Day Care and then call and request that he spend the night?

Absolutely! Your dog will love to have a Sleepover, kind of a mini Playcation, and you’ll have peace of mind that your dog is in good hands.

Is your dog more of a loner and not really into being in a pack environment? Would your dog rather spend time with humans than other dogs?

Fresh Air Dogs can accommodate all kinds of personalities. We don’t put dogs in any situations where they might feel uncomfortable. If they prefer to be on their own, or just with people, that’s okay with us. We have plenty of room and can accommodate lots of individual needs.

Has your dog had surgery recently and need a little extra TLC?

We’d be happy to have your pup here where our watchful eyes can make sure he’s doing okay, not pulling out stitches, etc. 

How long can my pup stay at Fresh Air Dogs?

As long as you need, Fresh Air Dogs is the perfect place for extended stays! Some dogs come for a day or two at a time, some dogs have stayed for several weeks. One thing that’s great for you is you get to see pictures and videos of what your pup has been up to while you’re away; pictures are posted on Facebook daily; we also have videos on the Fresh Air Dogs YouTube Channel.

How do I make arrangements for my dog to have a sleepover?

The first thing you need to do is contact us for a “Meet & Greet.” If your dog(s) are up-to-date on their immunizations and flea/parasite free, we will schedule a time for you to bring the dog(s) for a tour and determine if this would be a good fit for your dog(s). We will get the paperwork handled, answer any questions and if all is well, your dog(s) can stay that day for their trial Day Care Day or we can schedule a date in the future. If that goes well, your dog can come for a sleepover anytime we have availability.

What if I’m going to be away overnight and need a place for my dog to go and I haven’t brought him for his Daycare Day yet?

Generally, the answer is NO, a full Day Care Day is required in most cases before we will commit to having your dog spend the night. In some rare cases, we will allow it, but don’t count on it. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so the sooner you schedule your “Meet & Greet” and first Day Care Day, the surer you’ll be that your dog will have an overnight spot at Fresh Air Dogs when the need arises.

Where do the dogs sleep at Fresh Air Dogs?

Here, there, and everywhere. Some sleep upstairs with us, our king-sized bed is first-come, first served. Some sleep in the living room on their own bed brought from home or one of our many dog beds. The couch, love seat and big blue chair are game, too, as long as they’re covered and the dogs aren’t wet. Dogs that like to be off by themselves can sleep in my office or several other gated areas inside the house.

How many dogs stay overnight at one time?

That varies every day and every week. No matter how many dogs are here at any one time, they are always separated by temperament. The happy go lucky dogs that are never phased by anything are usually together and those that have interesting little quirks are kept in an area better suited for them.

What do you do when you have really little dogs and large dogs at the same time?

Safety and security are top priority here! If smaller dogs are intimidated by large dogs, they will have their own space and not mix with the larger dogs. We have found that many of the little dogs that have visited us really like being around all kinds of other dogs; it’s usually the temperament of the dogs that determines who they play with more than their size or weight. That said, I always keep a watchful eye when all the dogs are playing together to make sure all is well. Max the big Yellow Lab puppy, and Ringo, the tiny Yorkie just love playing together; Precious, the St. Bernard, and Foxy, the little Pom were fast friends at Fresh Air Dogs.

My dog usually sleeps in a crate at home, do you have crates or should I bring one from home?

That’s entirely up to you; whichever you think the dog would like best is fine. We do have crates available or you can bring your own. If you want to use one of our crates, you may want to bring a blanket from home that your dog is familiar with. At bedtime, we’ll offer your dog a crate, but if he’s not happy in it, we’ll let him out to sleep where he’s more comfortable. We’ve found that some like the cave-like environment they are used to at home and some feel like they’ve been put in jail if they are kept away from the rest of the pack. Also, if your dog likes having a crate to lay in during the day, we’ll keep one handy with the door open for him to come and go as he wishes.

I really miss my dog when I travel, can I call to check up on him every so often?

Of course! Call, send an e-mail, check out the pix and stories we post on Facebook. You and your dog can even and catch up in person on Google Hangout or on Skype!

FMI on what the dog’s do here, click A Dog’s Daily Life.

HOURS FOR PEOPLE – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – HOURS FOR DOGS
7am-9am Drop Offs & Pick Ups – – – – – – – – – – – – We’re here for the doggies
4pm-6pm Pick Ups – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 24/7/365! Really!

While we love our time spent with the dogs 24/7/365, it is important that we, our staff, and all the dogs, are able to have “quiet time” from 9am to 4pm and after 6pm. Therefore, we prefer all drop-offs and pick-ups occur as stated above, whenever possible. Outside those hours, please call Fresh Air Dogs at 207.564.2604 to schedule a time before stopping by. [FYI … “quiet time” at Fresh Air Dogs is when the dogs are not barking to let us know that a car just pulled in the driveway.] Thank you … we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
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