Recommendations for Fresh Air Dogs are posted on the Fresh Air Dogs Facebook page … please read the notes our clients have written about their dog’s stay and jot us a line yourself! We appreciate your feedback and it gives people a real feel of the place before they get to experience it for themselves.

FB Post:
Before Fresh Air dogs, we had to use other kennels that used cages/pens when we went on vacation, and leaving them was a sad, guilt ridden experience. We had to pay extra for “play time.” Since Fresh Air dogs opened, going on vacation is a breeze and play time is all the time without extra pay! The dogs are rested, calm and happy when we pick them up, because they feel right at home in Cynthia and Russell’s home. We send our new pup for playdates to socialize her with other dogs and are taking advantage of clicker training to train her. When our golden was in the late stages of cancer and we needed to be away for the weekend, he stayed at FAD and was lovingly cared for and I did not worry for him at all. I cannot recommend FAD highly enough – they have saved me from shedding many anxious tears!! — Anne Jordan, Dexter, 2/01/2015

FB Post:What a great place for our dog, Murphy. Murphy and I did the beginners training class with Russell and it’s amazing how quickly Murphy and I learned basic commands. Murphy is a rescue dog and was very timid (and could be aggressive) towards men and I was a little worried he would not take to training because Russell was leading the training. All worries were for not – Murphy loves Russell and has overcome most of his fears of men. I have been taking him to Doggie Day Care once a week for the past 3 weeks – and it’s been an amazing experience. He’s not a dog that would do well in a normal kennel atmosphere – he needs lots of activity and attention, so he will be spending his overnights at Fresh Air Dogs and I will know that he will be cared for just as if he were home. — Chris Paydos

FB Post: I never really enjoyed going on vacation when I had to kennel my dogs elsewhere. I was always worried and anxious to get home. When they stay at Fresh Air Dogs however, that anxiety is gone. My social butterfly is always tired from playing so much and my shy one really enjoys all the attention she gets. Thank you Cynthia and Russell for creating Fresh Air Dogs! — Diane Parola, 2/01/2015

E-mail: We thank you so much, Cynthia, for being a part of “creating” the Cleo that we’ve met today. At this moment it seems she’s filled a gap that we didn’t realize existed in our home. For your part in this, we’re grateful. Gordon C. Boston, MA 8/31/09

E-mail: Cleo is doing great and seems to be thriving. Your training seems to have worked out very well. Aside from times when she’s grossly distracted by playing with other dogs, she’s had a pretty good record of responding to “come” and is very consistent with “sits” and “downs” and very few “accidents” in the house. Gordon C, Boston, MA 9/28/2009

E-Mail: Because we couldn’t take Cleo at 8 weeks because of other plans this past summer, she went straight from the breeder to Cynthia Scott for the Puppy Headstart “training course.” Cleo spent 7 weeks there (longer than their standard 3 weeks). I think Wrigley was also with the Scott’s for a good part of that time. Without knowing it at the time, this turned out to be the smartest thing we’ve done. Cleo came to us extremely well socialized, 95% housebroken and with an understanding of the basic commands – come, sit, down, heel. While Cleo isn’t yet ready to compete for a ribbon in an obedience show, we are VERY happy with her grasp of the basics and this we owe totally to the work that the breeder and Cynthia did. Gordon C, Boston, MA 1/24/2010

FB Post: Attention Dog Lovers! Check out this place, I LOVE it! Moxie has enjoyed many days & nights at Fresh Air Dogs. I never have to worry about her when she is there – I know she is happy, active, and loved.  Kacey Weber 7/2010

Superpages.com Post: Great people and great care for your pup! Highly recommended! 7/20/2010

Superpages.com Post: Fresh Air Dogs is such a fantastic place for your pooch! We have used their doggie playcare & at-home boarding services and both are WONDERFUL. I never have to worry about my dog when she is there. I know that she is happy, active, socialized, and most importantly loved and well taken care of. I strongly and highly recommend Fresh Air Dogs for an affordable, enjoyable, and wonderful place for your dog. 7/21/2010

FB Post: Cali was always nervous around other dogs. After spending some time at Fresh Air Dogs, she is much more tolerant and even curious about other dogs. She loves to go there and I never worry about her when she is under Cynthia and Russell’s care. Also, just knowing she isn’t locked in a cage while I’m away gives me so much peace of mind, I can enjoy time off without worry. I’m so happy I found Fresh Air Dogs!  Diane Parola 7/2010

FB Post: I want to thank you for taking such good care of Brady and Sophie 4th of July weekend. I was worried about Brady, but I think he liked it there more than he likes it home. Since that weekend, he rides so much better. I have to think it had something to do with all the love and care he had your house. Again, thank you so much! Dan and Misty Buchanan, Sebago, ME 7/29/2010

Superpages.com Post: Fresh Air Dogs is a dream come true. We were able to leave our 2 dogs in a place like home. No cages or kennels here. It’s nice to know there are great people out there that love our puppies as much as we do.  Misty, Sebago, ME 7/29/2010

E-mail: Lola is doing great. I really don’t know what you did to her!! She is easier to control in terms of jumping up on people. Thank you! Keep posting photos/videos of pups. I love ‘em. Amy Faircloth, Hampden ME 8/12/2010 [Note: Lola was a student in Fresh Air Dogs ‘Stay & Learn’ program.]

E-mail: Cynthia, thank you so much for allowing Kobe to spend the day with you and yours! I love the pic’s, he looks happy … that makes my day! I was a little anxious about leaving him as we don’t leave him often. He probably was happy to be rid of me for a while though … haha. Thanks for leaving the little note on my bill … he’s the only son I have that made the “honor roll” the first day of class! 🙂 And yes, he will be spending the weekend with you soon. Thank you again for taking such good care of my boy! Melanie Stanley, LaGrange ME 8/27/2010

E-mail: Thank you so much for having our baby, Sam, for the day today. You certainly gave us a lot of peace of mind. Fred says that your home is wonderful and a great place for special dogs. We were looking at all the pics online. Sam will see you tomorrow AM. Thanks again, Linda Johnston, Guilford ME 9/02/2010

E-mail: I have to tell you this. When I left the house this morning to take Greta out for her walk, she went over and waited to be put in the car. She has never done that. I could tell that she had a great time at Fresh Air Dogs yesterday! See you next Friday. Lori Sharrow, Dover-Foxcroft 2/17/2011

E-mail: Just wanted to let you know Boo remembered enough from his class with you a year ago – he passed his Therapy Dog test & AKC Good Citizen test last week with a wagging tail (well, as much of a tail as an Aussie has!). Between the printed material, coaching and instruction you provided, we were well prepared for the test! Thanks again for all the training offered during that class in Greenville and the offer for the refresher!” Jolene/Greenville 2/27/2011

FB Post: It was so hard to drive through the snow today to get Archie to Fresh Air Dogs, but so critical to do it. Archie at 4 months is still a rowdy puppy. After owning 30 dogs I cannot tell you how important it is to get your puppy out there. Socialization is critical — with people, puppies and other dogs. It is the OLDER dog that teaches the puppy manners. It will take months and months of training to make him the “perfect” dog, but his training started the second he came home. Thank you Fresh Air Dogs, you get it. He is safe and happy there. Tonight is a good night. He is tired and happy. He loves his time there and I feel sad for the people who don’t get there puppies out there, it is the BEST thing in the world for them. At 6 months they have already developed habits that will be hard to break. Thanks, Cynthia, you get it. Gentle positive training, playing, interaction with the older dogs and tons of room to run … 5 stars to you and Russell. Archie is asleep now … whew … a quiet night for us! He sends you slurpy kisses and says “Woof Woof!” Cynthia Williford 3/22/2011

Here’s a note we just received from one of our clients: “Dear Russell, Just wanted you to know that Shiloh has made a true friend with you. We are so thankful and so sorry you will miss a week of his next visit. He cried down the driveway and kept looking back until he could no longer see you. We have NEVER, seen him get so attached to anyone…. Even our grandson. We are so thankful to you and the staff of Fresh Air Dogs. We know he has special needs with his anxiety disorder and the comfort he found with FRESH AIR DOGS, Russell and staff has provided us with such a level of confidence and relief while having surgery in BOSTON, words can’t express our thanks to you. With kindest regards, Mary Poole, Cindy Poole and Shiloh Poole [P.S. hope Cynthia arrives home safely and had a wonderful experience at her symposium and tour….]” 10/04/2013

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